Yoga Angels Refresher Course

A Life Time Membership & Dynamic Community

All Yoga Angels Teachers are invited to take our COMPLIMENTARY REFRESHER COURSE.

What a great opportunity to network and stay connected to the Yoga Angels Community!

Each Yoga Angels Teacher is allowed to repeat all or parts of our training course as they see fit. Refreshers are granted on a first come first serve basis and are awarded according to the amount of spaces available in the training.

Refreshers are welcome in-house or online, however for the physical location(the in-house) program the refresher will be on standby until registration is close. A refresher can sign up for online attendance anytime.

The Refresher can only repeat the equivalent course that was paid for in ful! If you have an outstanding balance you must pay the balance before registering for a new course. You can ask for a payment plan.

Refresher's Opportunity is valid for a Lifetime…however there is a three year limit to refresh without a continuation fee of $175.00 and administrative fee of $175.00.

As a Yoga Angels alumni, we call you a Buddhi (seat of intelligence), We ask that you always give support and assist our new aspiring teachers on their training journey. Sign up now for any upcoming training and refresh your yoga knowledge and physical practice.

We would love to see you there!

The Future of Wellness

Our community is built on the journey of wellness designed for the entire family at any stage in their journey: beginner, intermediate or advanced.

Certified Teacher Trainers

Our world-renowned programmes are taught by Yoga Angels certified teacher trainers and yoga instructors. All of our classes and programmes are accredited by Yoga Alliance.

Quality Content

All our classes are well planned and streamlined by Professional Yoga Instructors and is accredited by Yoga Alliance.

Our Programmes are Yoga Alliance Certified

Yoga Angels International was established in 1997 teaching daily classes, private sessions, and teachers training. We have been inspiring and empowering aspiring yoga teachers throughout the United States, Europe, and Jamaica.

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